Support policy

Brickspace Lab support is available Monday to Friday 10AM-5PM EST. We observe all Ontario statutory holidays.

Response times will vary based on our support volume. We aim to get a response to most tickets within 24 hours. In some situations, it may take up to 1-2 business days to receive a response.

Support is available in English only.

Our support includes the following:

  • Addressing any questions about the features, functionality, and technical details of Brickspace Lab Shopify themes

  • Assisting you in becoming familiar with the process of building your store using a Brickspace Lab Shopify theme

  • Fixing bugs or problems with default theme installations

  • Assuring that your theme is compatible with new software versions by providing updated theme files

Our support does not include the following:

  • Addressing platform issues or platform-specific features. The Shopify support team can better address these issues.

  • Any bugs or functional problems with apps or theme customizations. To return to the default functionality, we advise either resetting these adjustments to the original theme or uninstalling the app.

  • Code tweaks or customized code. We cannot promise that any code changes we make will be error-free.

  • Assisting in the transfer of code changes to an updated version of the theme This applies to any code that our staff has applied to your shop.

  • Including additional features or plug-ins from third-party providers (including apps).

  • Unlimited support. We also reserve the right to restrict the number of support requests for a single theme purchase, however, we do this infrequently.

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