Creating and using custom templates


Custom templates can be created to include drag-and-drop sections on almost any page. These templates can be used for content pages, collection pages, product pages, blog pages, and article pages.

How to

We'll create a custom page template, customize it, and assign it to a page. This same process can be used for other templates, such as products or collections.

  1. Open the theme editor by clicking Customize next to the relevant theme.

  2. Click the dropdown in the center of the top bar.

  3. Click on Pages > Create template

  4. Type the name of your new template then click Create template

  5. Use the left-hand side to add new sections and edit the content of this template

    1. Click Add section to add more sections

  6. When you're happy with your changes click Save

  7. In the main Shopify dashboard navigate to Online Store > Pages

  8. Create a new page or select the page you would like to assign the template too

  9. In the bottom right click Theme template then select the custom template you’ve created

  10. Click save! Your new page will now show the custom sections you’ve updated.

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